I'm guessing this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find the answer. Which wiki tool should I use if my students don't have individual email addresses? I want to have individual logins for them so I can keep track of their contributions. (They're only in Grade 3) Ideally I would like to use wetpaint because I can get the version with no ads for educators.

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wikispaces works fine. You can put in anything for the email addy on sign up and it doesn't matter. It says you need to click on a confirmation link in the email but you don't. The account works just fine without clicking anything at all.
I use PBWiki. It allows you to create student usernames/passwords without e-mail accounts.
Hi M,

You could use Wikieducator. Nellie Deustch just gave a Wiziq public session on this subject recently.

Wikispaces has an excellent user creator. You can upload a spreadsheet or text list of student names and requested usernames. It will create them all at once and link them to your wiki for you. Very handy!
Thanks, Daniel. I had heard you could do this but didn't know how. It appears that you need to insert one name at a time into the box. How do you upload the list? Also, do I create the passwords for the kids or will the program do that for me?
A good alternative for a wiki resource that 'creates' virtual addresses for students is PBWorks.com. Earlier on (April 09), my wiki had been shared with students in this way - a tool in the Settings area that creates as many logons and passwords that you need to service your student caseload. A basic wiki is available with this option for free from the noted website. For other ideas, feel free to visit my wiki at this hyperlink. Since the wiki is PRIVATE, you must first request access; the access request is a two-step process due to security and privacy concerns, but it is well worth the effort!

See you online!
On PBWorks, you can make student accounts in your wikis (and they are ad-free). I believe there is a way to do that in Wikispaces, too. If you let them know you're an educator, they'll give you a Plus account that is free from advertisements (Do this under MANAGE WIKI). I haven't done much with WetPaint.
Hi Cheryl

I did not know that about wikispaces; I will have to check it out! Thanks!

David M
We use DeskNow in our division. Each student from K-12 has an email address. Many have not activated them. My grade four and fives activated them for the first time this year. I think this is a useful service for divisions to offer. It is monitored. On the other hand I had forgotten that wikispaces did not really require email accounts.

The wikispaces messaging and email compete with each other in my classroom. I think for your grade threes focussing on one social networking tool is likely a good idea.



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