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I teach a high school class called Web 2.0.  I am staring the students off with blogs.  So far we have researched a variety of blogs in several different topics.  Now they are creating their own blogs.


I am drawing a blank on what I can ask them.  I want to make it a once a week assignment where i post a question/article and they answer it.  Any ideas on what I can do?



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You could have them blog on what they've found in the world of web 2.0.  There's so much out there to try and keep up with, let them do some of the work for you - things they've found, good or bad and how they think it would be useful in the classroom/life.
Are you wanting to use the blog to specifically post about the world of Web 2.0? Otherwise, you could simply ask about any type of writing prompt or hot button issue and have them share their opinions.


School Uniforms - Do they limit your opportunity for self expression? Is there a place for them in today's schools?

Did students 50 years ago have it easier or more difficult than students of today?

What are the positive AND negative impacts of technology on education?

Then, one day a week, maybe the last Friday of the month, give them an open topic. This would be their chance to express their opinions about anything they want that is school appropriate.

If you are only doing it once a week, and you give them 1 free topic each month, you will only need to come up with 3 topics/prompts a month.



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