Being a member of classroom 2.0 shows that I believe in true collaboration. With that in mind, I would love to get my 6th and 7th grade students blogging with others anywhere around the world. I believe that different opinions besides their classmates will allow for great conversations and a truly authentic learning experience. I have a private blog on blogspot. If you would be willing to blog with my students, please respond back. I look forward to hearing from you!

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To clarify, are you interesting in having students blog with adults or other students. At the moment (this will change in 6 weeks) I have 7th & 8th graders...
6th and 7th grade students. Sorry I did not clarify.
As the new trimester begins (in 6 weeks) I'll get in touch and see if our student grade levels are a bit more compatible...
Thanks so much for replying, we run in quarters with this quarter ending on 1/22. Let me know anytime you are interested. I will be blogging mostly with my 7th grade students.
will do...
I have 6th graders and we are going to start using a class blog this semester. It would be interesting to collaborate with another class. We will be blogging about our unit questions that came up in class. What did you have in mind?
I am pretty much open to anything... what 7th grade social science units are you covering?
Are you looking to blog with my classes (i'm computer technology) or were you refering to blogging with Brian Brown?

Still looking for 7th Grade classes to blog with regarding open concepts, collaboration, blogging, web 2.0.



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