I'm presenting a workshop on Blogging in the Classroom. I would love some more examples of resources you use in blogging. Websites, guidelines, examples of student or teacher blogs etc. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi Jennifer,

I use Weebly for Education to do my class and teacher blogs.

My class blog is www.mrwylie.com. We have a weekly student blogger that posts class updates from the week, and I blog regular class notices and reminders on the home page. I also have a running list of educational weblinks that I use with the students. By all means stop by and take a look. We will shortly be starting some individual student blogs, also with Weebly, but they will be private for the short term, (password protected), so that we can explore this safely and securely.

My teacher blog is www.educationtechnologyblog.com. It is less of a reflective blog and more a collection of web 2.0 tools that I find as I read through my daily dose of edublogs and technology sites.
Glad you like it. I think that there is a lot to like. If nothing else, the free account has no ads, and almost everything else I tried before Weebly did.
I have been really successful with my classroom blog:
The kids love it and I love that you can password protect the posts for double anonymity.
I teach seventh grade English and here is our class blog: Write Out Loud

Here is my blog for parents: All About ME! (Middle English)
Student blog A Really Different Place
Teacher Blog A Not So Different Place
Primary Source Blog A Very Old Place
I use blogger.com with my students. But because my district unilaterally blocked all sites with the word "blog" in it, my students cannot access the site from school. However, I wanted to create a place where students could expand on topics that we've discussed in class. Participation on this site exempted the students from one homework assignment per week. The students were required to read an article (online) and then respond to it. I was hoping to get a good dialogue going, and for some of the topics I did, but for others, I think they went off on a tangent. I haven't started this site up for this year (yet) because we're currently working on getting a penpal group (pikifriends) going with a school in Japan. Here's a link to the site...it's currently open to everyone, but I'll be closing it to non-authors when I start back up again.

If you buy your own domain you can have a blog that doesn't have blog in the name. You can also get emails with your domain name through g-mail.

Student blog : A Really Different Place
My domain: A Different Place
My students Email: studentname@adifferentplace.org

I also have a blog for using primary sources in the classroom called A Very Old Place



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