I am new to blogging but have set up a blog with Wordpress for my colleagues in other schools who teach the same subject as me. I emailed them the link and quite a fee have responded positively to the idea and depicted to my posts. However, I have 2 questions:
1.I can't seem to find a way to see who has subscribed to the blog unless they choose to felons to my posts.
2. I would like them to be able to add in their own posts i.e be an author, but when I try to add paste their email addresses into the section "Invite new members of the community"  I get a message that they can't be found. 
Can anyone familiar with Wordpress help?

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I too have a wordpress blog.  It's been great for me.


1.  You find the subscriptions on the DASHBOARD and got to SITE STATS and look at the bottom.


2.  Also on the DASHBOARD you go to USERS in the menu on the left (it's near the bottom).  Click INVITES.  That should get you what you need.

Hey, Tyler, Thanks. I've had my Wordpress blog for over a year. I spent an hour last week trying to find that spot that shows who's subscribed (short of the email notifications I get). Couldn't find it. Aren't you the best!

Hi Tyler

Thanks! I tried what you said and I now think the problem is that the people who have signed up didn't confirm their subscription when Wordpress would have sent them an email. I could see their email address but they are not fully registerd as users

It's not obvious!


As Tyler said - you find it from the dashboard. Look on the left. Find 'Site Stats'.

Here's a picture!


I do like WordPress - I have several blogs and am astonished at what you get for free.



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