Hey there! I'm looking for blog sharers from all across that country and the world. I currently am outside of Chicago- northwest suburbs. Anyone across the pond that would like to blog share with my 8th grade students? Let me know...

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I would love for my students to share with your group. I teach a group of middle school students in NC. We have just started a blog, but the students do have some online experience in a Wiki. Our site is Carveraig. If your interested, let me know how we can start commenting on your site. We not post our first blogs until next week, but students have created their "About Me".
Sounds great. We literally will be creating their "about mes" as well this week, and will probably write their first post. Then we can get started! Do you Skype? I like to keep it on during class sometimes, when I'm moderating blogs, just in case you get an inappropriate message here and there. You can skype me at drezac.

Thanks, and look forward to sharing with you. What blog service are you using?

We use 21classes for the class acoount and I use Blogger. I think 21classes is a good start because I can mange my student accounts. You are welcome to use any of the documents, rubrics, parent permission letters, etc. from the site. They are located in the News and Assignments section. I sent you a member invite on Skype. Let me know your blog url as soon as you are ready and we can start commenting. My email is swilliams@scsnc.org and my Twitter user name is "steach".
I've had my Skype open just about every day but I haven't noticed you online. I'm happy to start blog sharing if you can give me some direction as to how to find your blogs.

Easy to reach my by twitter. @drezac

Hi Daniel
I teach 11 - 13 year olds in Te Awamutu, New Zealand. We are presently on our summer break with school starting again 2nd February. My students have been blogging for the last two years and would love to connect with your students.
Our class blog is http://room3tai.edublogs.org.
There are links to individual student blogs from that. The students listed as Year 8 have now moved on to secondary school but the Year 7 students are with me again this year.


My a blog is for teachers


students can come and voice their opinions on how they would like teaching to be new methodolgies for their classrooms
I will totally be checking those out! Thanks. Give me a day or two and I'll get my blog links in order.




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