Bridging the Gap between Professionals and Students through Education

I would be interested in talking with those who might have ideas as to how to bridge the gap between professionals and students through the delivery of professional education in their specific field of interests. My company specializes in the capturing and delivery of professional educational lectures given at the annual conferences of professional organizations. These lectures that we host online at are a perfect way to help bridge the gap betwen the student, who is in need of a higher level of understanding of what they will be expected to know when they graduate.
Imagine being a nursing student and wondering how all the things that they are learning in school applies to their future professional career. Now, allow them to access all of the educational lectures from their specialty nursing associations annual meeting and listen to what the nurses from facilities across the country are discussing and learning. This is an excellent way of extending the organizations education to their future members. But, how and what is the best way to achieve this endeavor? I would be interested in hearing others thoughts as to how one begins to help universities utilize this educational content to prepare their students for their future professional careers.

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