Brown U hacked me it .. then told me to delete their hack! ... wtw ... I am leaving it:

double inclination hacksorization. Thanks for validating/messing up/reallocating my Fictionary.

Is this moral? I understand their intentions but you can't justify this ... if you know it is wrong don't do it. If you are aware of security holes then contribute the open source project!

here is their official disclaimer ...

thoughts, comments, ideas?

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Looks like a pretty sorry way to run a program. Since they are doing their "research project" without the sanction of Brown U, perhaps a nasty note directly to some muckitimuck at Brown could put an end to their "we were just playing" pizza party. It may be well to impress on these "students" that adults play by adult rules. Reminds of incidents in the early Internet when those of us using the Internet for serious business were told to get offline by students who wanted to run experiments and were unwilling to wait until we were finished. They seemed to be convinced that their students projects were more important than anything that adults could be doing.



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