I'm a secondary teacher in Houston, Texas, and I have been tasked with finding as many BYOD policies in different school districts. My assistant superintendent would like me to gather them so we have a range of policies to model our future policy. If anyone can point me to BYOD or Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) which include a BYOD clause, I would be very grateful. There are over 1000 school districts in Texas, but many of them have outdated AUP policies and small or no BYOD policy.

The research is for the district, but I am fulfilling it as a requirement for my doctorate in Educational Leadership.  Any help, direction pointing, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Here is one that has been shared with me. I had nothing to do with creating this one.


I'll be happy to send you another one that has been adopted this year by a District in Hot Springs, AR. Just let me know if you'd like to see it, too.

Best of luck!


Chris, I would love to see what was adopted in Hot Springs!  I'm also interested in any feedback you have received concerning the policy. what do the stake holders think about the new policy?





I am looking to visit a school with a BYOD policy.  Do you know any campuses, preferably Middle School that have these policies in place?



Hi Dennis,

We had to rewrite our AUP when we changed to BYOD. It can be found here: http://ohlsd.org/aup.php. The AUP doesn't actually address any policy about bring your own device...rather it's open enough to address any usage (be that a device a student brings or one the district provides). The AUP assumes kids will be using their own devices...so it spells out the appropriate use while on the school network. It's very positive.

We're in year 2 of opening up our schools to student devices. Overall, it's been a success on many levels (financially, PR, etc.)

If you have any questions, let me know! We've quite a number of resources we like sharing with districts (I like to joke that my superintendent wants us to be an "open source" school). I started out my teaching career in Houston ISD (loved every minute of it) and would love to pass off any helpful tips Texas schools.



Thank you for the link.  Could I email you with some of the concerns my principals are voicing and perhaps you could share your experiences about these concerns?



I'm on a similar hunt for starting points...

  • guidelines for use
  • network access protocols
  • a strand on problems we can anticipate in adopting such a policy would be appreciated

Wondering if current policies that govern the use of BYOD pencils might largely meet our needs?



What district do you work with? 



I work in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD in Houston, Texas.

I work in Huffman ISD, northwest Harris County.  My principal wants several of us to visit a campus that uses BYOD.  Do you happen to know of any? 


Have you had any progress in AUP or BYOD policy?



We do not have a BYOD policy yet, but I have been research other Texas and non-Texas schools with BYOD policies. McAllister ISD seems to be the most progressive policy I have found thus far.

We are working on the AUP and a newly created BYOD policy. If you would like to collaborate on making these policies, I would be open to that idea.


McAllister ISD?  Is that Texas?  I could only find a McAllister Middle School. 


I would love to collaborate!  We are a small school district, so we sometimes can implement initiatives more quickly than bigger school districts.  We are looking to pilot this BYOD at the end of this year and beginning of next year. 

I will have to check my notes to see where McAllister is located.

I'm more than willing to collaborate. What stage are you at in the policy making process?




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