Hi, My name is Kevin and I'm completing my final year at Konstfack, the art teacher college in Stockholm, Sweden. I am writing a final paper on the use of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom from both a educator and student perspective. I've found some really great ideas here. The problem is that I have read and replied to posts that are more than two years old and am not sure if there will ever be a continuation of the conversation.

In my final research for school, which is still in the planning stages, I want to either interview a few teachers or ask them to fill out a questionnaire on how they use the various tools. As of right now, interviewing seems like it would yield more info. I'm particularly interested in student portfolio work and how the portfolio can serve as a tool for: reflection, review of past work, etc. If you are willing to take a moment within the next two weeks to share your experiences then I would be grateful. It is also fun to do some of my research on social media via social media :)

You can also gladly give me some insights here as to how you use different media, but I would also like to either chat via msn or the like or call you (on my dime). 


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I must say that I'm a little disillusioned by this forum as I assumed that teachers would respond to my post as to how their use of social media and online tools has contributed to their teaching experience. I'm assuming that those who've read this post have avoided responding because they feel that I will ask for too much of their time.

I'm really hoping that (specifically) art educators can write me a note about their experiences and if it's okay that I follow up. Thanks
Hey Kevin!

I am willing to help however but since I am not a full time certified teacher and just a once a week sub contractor, I don't want to mess up your data.

That said, feel free to contact me however for this project or anything else.

You might have better luck at http://arted20.ning.com/ which is dedicated to Art Teachers.

I teach one section of Graphic Design to high school students - but I am not an art teacher. I am a Computer Applications teacher. Our GD portfolio is located at http://sites.google.com/a/vcstudent.org/gdesign2/. I do ask the students to reflect how they made their projects and a personal evaluation. This is a semster class and we have only been in class one month so our portfolios are still in the beginning stages. You can skype me at colette.cassinelli if you need more information.
Hello Colette,

Thank you for getting back to me and for letting me know about the art teacher ning. It is really good and will hopefully prove to be helpful. I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. I tried to check out your GD portfolio site, but needed a login and password to see it. I would like to take you up on your offer of discussing your experiences in using digital portfolios and the students' reflections. I could definitely skype you. However, I am in Sweden which doesn't pose a problem aside for the time differences. We are nine hours ahead of the West coast. If you wouldn't mind emailing me then we could maybe set up a time for a brief talk.

thanks, Kevin



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