Has anyone used Camstudio http://camstudio.org/ or similar open source software to make instructional videos on computer applications or websites? Any suggestions on one that works well and is easy to use?

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I used Camtasia (sp) at a previous district. I am now using jing. http://www.jingproject.com
It works great and is free. It was very easy to learn and I was making videos in a matter of minutes.
You can save the video to your computer or on screencast.
I tried Jing http://www.jingproject.com and it is extremely easy to use! However, it created .swf files and I would like to convert these files so that they work on my school website. We use Schoolwires and it does not like flash code. The only way that I can use the video right now is to link to my video on http://www.screencast.com. Also, can the size of the video be changed using Jing? Thanks for all of your help so far!
I just googled "swf to avi convert" and got one of the free converters. Can't tell which off the top of my head, but it was easy. What size are you refering...file size or screen size??
I wanted to change the screen size which Jing does not do, but maybe one of the converters will allow me to change the screen size as well. I also am playing with the trial software for Camtasia. It is more complicated than Jing, but also allows multiple soundtracks, frame by frame editing, zoom and pan, and the ability to save in multiple formats and sizes. Maybe the school district will pay the $299 for the program if I can show them how it can be used. In the mean time, Jing is an awesome free resource!
Hi Karen - also check out Jing, it is a really easy to use piece of software to make instructional videos and is free as well - there is a Classroom 2.0 discussion just started on it.

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Hi Karen,

What I use is DemoCreator, it's easy to get started and make the video tutorials as Camstuido. I have tried Camstudio, but I can not get started easily.

Hope it helps!
snapzprox works really well on a Mac platform
I learned about Camstudio from none other than Michael Wesch, the YouTube professor. His famous videos were made in part using the free Camstudio software. I have used it myself and it works well for the most part. I especially like the included ability to create swf format files. I haven't tried Jing myself, but it sounds like that one is worth investigating too.
Hi Karen,

You could try authorPOINT-lite to create flash based recordings.
Hi Karen, firstly - my greetings from Germany!
If you are a Mac user - you could work with ScreenFlow
We use jing, captivate, and camtasia and also have made use of flipvideo as well to show demos and such. I use camtasia to teach students how to do library research.



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