Can You Guess the Top 10 Digital Tools in Today’s Classroom?

What do you think the most important digital tools are in today’s classroom? Check out TamaraBaluja’s list here, and let us know what you’d add to the list!

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mobile devices: quick start access to the internet using google chromebooks, ipads and soon raspberry pi. Open up your classroom to your partner school students as you work.

handheld video cameras with usb(eg creative vado) for quick capture and upload to youtube

apps: android or apple - there's an app for almost everything

google edu: free tools for creativity and collaboration



Interesting top 10- probably not so far off here in New York.  I have to say though I cringe when I see PowerPoint on the list. There are so many more presentation software/tools out there that I'd rather see students and teachers looking at their presentation purpose first, then picking the tool.  PowerPoint is great for a linear presentation, but Prezi works better when presenting concepts and relationships in a more visual way.  So I guess what I'm saying is that I would rather see it stated as "presentation tools", PowerPoint being one but not the only.

@Dodie, I'm with you on the PPT point. I think presentation is a human skill and that no amount of technology can substitute effective presentation skills. I'm a big fan of low-tech presentation. Hans Rosling has done some great talks on

I've used electronic whiteboards of various kinds. I have mixed feelings about them. I'd recommend limiting their use to no more than 20 minutes per class, and not to use them every class. Like slideshows, they have a kind of pacifying, anti-depressant effect on a darkened room full of people.

Personally, I'd like to see more individual access to the internet that empowers learners rather than using presentation technology as a blunt instrument. I like the idea of bring your own technology (BYOT) and I encourage learners to bring whatever devices they like and use them as long as they're productive with them.

I just watched a video clip for my grad class on the way video connects people across the globe and it highlights the connection to technology- so I think video equipment should be on the list- like FlipCams- even cell phone cameras can shoot decent videos to present student work and hook students into lessons.

This list is useful and I mostly agree with it.  I am hesitant to agree with Wikipedia.  PowerPoint and Whiteboards are a definite yes, along with laptops.  I do not have access with my students for ereaders or clickers, but both are tools I would like to eventually have access too.  I agree with the other posts that video tools should be on this list.  Videos and using YouTube are great accessories for education.  I personally would not able to use YouTube within my classroom (the site is blocked by my school), but I have found videos through other sites such as teachertube.

Hi Katie,

I'm curious... Why are you hesitant to agree with Wikipedia?



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