How do schools and supervisors work with central administrators who wish to outlaw the use of cell phones in instructional situations? Also in any of your schools have you had issues with Ning where the site is not permitted to be used for fear of student access to inappropriate material? Any advice would be helpful.

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One of my favorite quotes: There are two entities in the world that outlaw the use of cell phones, schools and the Taliban! Sad but true. To many pessimists, telling you how cell phones are a distraction, and could be used to cheat and . . . well you get the idea. Most cell phones today are a handheld computer. Another tool to access information.

Check out this post: Making a case for cell phones in school by the Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis. She makes a very strong argument. However, lets face it, if your administration is going to burn books because it has "that" word in it, nothing you say will make any difference. I think the true path is thorough parents. When enough parents say, "stop the insanity", schools will have no alternative but to listen and drag themselves into the 21st century.

GOOD LUCK, I'm pulling for you! We're all in this together.



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