One of the main goals for teachers today is to find new, exciting ways of integrating technology into teaching.  What do you think is one of the hardest subjects to do this with?  Do you have any ideas of how to integrate technology into this particular subject?

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One of the most difficult subjects, in my opinion, would be English as a second language. As this is my personal interest, I am probably biased when it comes to my interest in this question. I think that an innovative way to integrate technology into a subject like this would be to have the students listen to hold Skype conversations with native English speakers as homework assignments. This integrates technology and it also gives the students a chance to improve their fluency and understanding of different dialects.

i would say the hardest subject to do this would be P.E.  since that is a physical class there is the problem if technology can be involved.  but then on the flip side, there could be demonstrations at stations on how to do certain sports, or music to get the people alive, so it may not be as hard as it seems.

I would have to agree with Melivin on this one. It would either have to be a subject such as P.E., Art, or Music/Theatre. But there would probably be little clever ways to incorporate small amounts of technology into these areas but I just can't see technology integration becoming as huge in these areas as opposed to more "traditional" subjects.

This requires high creativity from the teachers - see:, just as an example.



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