I am losing my mind here.  I have great clips from YOUTUBE, but my district won't allow me to access the site.  As teachers, we have petitioned in vain.  I know that there is a way to either change the URL or  DOWNLOAD the clip to my computer, but I am ashamed to say that I don't know how to do this.  Could someone help me out here?




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Go to google, and search Youtube downloader. This is a freeware that changes the flash file into a media player file. That can be burned on a cd and viewed on your computer!

I hope this helps!
Geri Schmidt
A friend of mine in LA uses this. She has offered to show me how to do it via video chat with SKYPE. Thanks for sharing this:) My students will definitely appreciate it.



I use Edublogs.tv so I can embed videos into my blogs and wikis. I know others use vimeo...
I have never heard of this site. I think it would be well received at the tech center of my school district so I have forwarded it to them. I thought the grammar activities were fun and simple (perfect for ELD instruction).

Thank you!


This still wouldn't let the embedded youtube through our filter. We would
just get a black hole.
I have used Zamzar in the past.

1. Go to website and select "Download Videos" tab
2. Copy and paste the YouTube URL in the Zamzar "URL to conver" area
3. Enter your email address and wait.

You will receive an email with the converted video that you can save to your computer. I also cannot access YouTube in my school. I use Vimeo for a lot of my video uploading needs.
Vimeo is also blocked at my school. How is it that the classroom teacher understands the pertinence and importance of such sites as Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, but the admin is about two years behind the learning curve?
I use www.zamzar.com
there are other websites.
Also realplayer will download videos automatically.
Wow, so many options:) Is there a favorite for you? One you use over the others?



Have you tried SchoolTube? It doesn't have the breadth of content that YouTube does, but it doesn't have the ads or questionable content either. And it's not blocked!!! It's a free website for educators and students where every video uploaded is moderated by a staff member at a school. I used SchoolTube to publish student work (students can upload their own content to be moderated before it is published) this year. Next year, I hope to find videos to use in the classroom. Check them out here: www.schooltube.com. All the best!
So the material is actually monitored by a staff member? It is a safe way to put videos up of kids and their projects (among other things). I think it might inspire me to find my camcorder and record! I am passing this site on to the tech teachers at my site to share at our first day back.

Thanks again:)


If there is a particular video on YouTube you are fond of and it is not available on schooltube, you can request schooltube download this to their site. It will take a few days for this though,



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