I’ve been doing some reading about “character education” today, and wanted to start a discussion about this.  CAN character education - grit, goal-orientation, ambition - be taught?

(I also just posed this question on our blog at http://blog.educationalrap.com/)

Here are some resources on the topic:

Education Week

Project Wisdom

Character and Leadership



I’d be very curious to hear from educators, administrators, and students on this topic.  What do you think?  Can you teach character?

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I think that character can be taught from a story the same way you teach themes and get the moral of the story. If you find a story to relate to the student(s) then [ideally] it should apply for character to be learned. If you combine technology like videos or music like I see in your blog then I see no reason why this shouldn't work out.
We use http://charactercounts.org/ at our school, and yes, I believe it can be taught. Consistency is the key, especially with elementary kids, and it can take a year or more to work its way through the school, but I think it works for us. We have character assemblies, visiting guests who support good character, the Guidance teacher who teachers it, and a good group of teachers who support it through rewards and sanctions.
Absolutely, we do it in our school and it is a fantastic program led by our assistant director who is in charge of character education Dr. Usha Balamore. We began with our school motto, Courage for the Deed, Grace for the Doing and it is woven throughout our whole year. We also have yearly character themes, read books, discuss, make class compacts. etc. It is something that distinguisjes our school from others I believe.



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