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   Please post your name and id number in this thread as your attendance to the website. Thank you!

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Ashley Reyes 
ID 2060784

Cebrinah Galvan   ID # 2064121

My opinion is that they are similar. However you cant have love without respect. You must respect yourself and the other person before you love them,along with trust. Respect is very important it shows discipline.I would rather someone resect me than love me. Love comes and goes but as long you the both of you have respect for one another than that can last forever.So respect is most important,but now that i think about it, love IS based on respect in a way.

Caila Davis 2094810

Roy Ocanas 


iesha broadway

id 2051930

Andrea Medellin

ID 2064464

Anthony Martinez id# 3021034


iesha broadway id 2051930

i do not know whether this is the path to participation in the conferences. if so, I wuld be grateful if you can include me.

thanks feemin.

justin newman


Brittney Reeves



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