I want to create a class website for my 10th grade ELA class. On this site I would like to post the syllabus, readings, homework, as well as a space for students to ask and answer questions, discuss text, post their work etc. and for parents/families to check in.

Does anyone have experience with both sites? I have used Ning for novels before, but not for the general class website. I do not have experience with Wikispaces, but know of colleagues who are beginning to use them.

I would be grateful for any advice/guidance at all!


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I would recommend Wikispaces! Very easy to use, free for educators, and easy to teach your students how to use it. Check out my wiki page on wiki's: http://gmiller.wikispaces.com/Wiki%27s

Check out the bottom of the page for examples of how teachers are using wikispaces in educational settings.
Ning opens up a huge can of worms that a website won't. As I've always said here and in other discussions there are too many nooks and crannies in Ning--you could be cruising for potential trouble if you are not ever vigilant. There are options for messaging to individuals, uploading pics/videos--(could be inapproprate or copyright infringed), there is the ability to invite friends or NOT, I know that high schoolers might abide by the rules you set down, but all it would take is one bad act and you could be in big trouble. Kids use social networking sites so cavalierly, would that transfer to a school network? I guess I'd admit that Ning sounds perfect for your needs, but I'd start slow and with AUP in place.

I would guess a lot of people would suggest Moodle as a safe alternative.



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