Last year I had an issue with PBwiki. One student would be logged into a page and when another student logged in he/she "stole the lock" which wiped out anything the first student had done. Does anyone know of a collaborative site where students can work on the same space at the same time?

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we use google sites & docs... use a G-site as the wiki, but use G-docs as the pages for terms, then create a menu in the site linking terms to the docs... we've had 20 kids editing at the same time in docs... it only gets tricky if 2+ kids try to edit the same line at the same time.
Thanks! Google sites seems like a good option for me but I have a question. Do your students have email addresses? If not how do you invite them to edit your site?
we have Google Apps for Education. The suite includes gmail, but you can turn that tool on or off and still share.
I think you can do simultaneous editing in etherpad (http://etherpad.com/).



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