Hello 2.0 users,

I am a Acadia University Education Student. For any of you who have no idea where acadia university is it is in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am doing a project on Online teacher resources because as some of you know it is hard for new teachers to find neat assignments and interesting projects for their students. I think that CLassroom 2.0 is an excellent resourse for all teacher to use and therefore i am including it into my project.

To really show the power of this teacher network site, could you guys give me some websites that you have found that are great resourses that you have used for your classrooms. Thanks for you help.


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Join our ning and go to the section Links to Designed Experiences and Links to Designed Competitions. There you can find a collection of interesting projects involving the use of technology.
From my class website...

Hi David,

Here's a link to my view my bookmarks. These are searchable my keyword, i.e. 'digital_storytelling'


Hope it helps

I think classroom 2.0 is the best. Teachertube.com is ok since it's clean, but youtube is better. Just screen the video before you use it.
Here are a few good FREE resources I've used in the past: http://digitaldollar.edublogs.org/resources
Hi David - a colleague of mine and I had the same problem - too hard to find good online resources to use in the classroom so we created LessonGateway, teachers contribute, rate and review websites they have used in their classrooms, searchable, organized by subject and grade and FREE - you can check it out at:




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