Our class launched our new class blog site in January, and so far it has been really great. Students who who I have had a hard time getting to write get really excited to blog. I have a classroom blog through edublogs.com that we call the "Spider's Web." My students also have their own blogs. They are all linked to from the "Spider's Web."

My problem is that I want to track the most current posts by my students on the "Spider's Web." Is there a way I can do this? I've seen this done on people's blogs, where their most current blogs are listed, but I want to list the most recent blogs by my students.

Here is a link to my blog.

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You would put each of your student's blog addresses in an RSS feed reader like Google Reader or Bloglines.
I've been hearing a lot about RSS feed readers. I can't say I know much about them, but I will look into Google Reader and Bloglines. Does this produce like a Wiki you can place onto your blog? I will look into this right now.
I meant Widget, not wiki.
No, it brings together all the blogs, or sites you read. Most blogs have an "rss feed". All you do with Bloglines (the one I use) is copy and paste the URL into the "Add Feed" box and all the blogs pop up on a list, you can organize the feeds into play lists. It's one stop shopping--the site tells you when there is new feed from the blogs you read.
I agree with Nancy. I use Google Reader to pull the RSS feeds of each of my students' blogs into one place.
I then subscribe to that one feed with my Bloglines account so I'm reminded of when a student pots something. (I moderate everything but I also like to go back on the weekends and comment to each post. The RSS feed in Bloglines allows me to do that easily.) Using Google Reader also allows me to send one URL to anyone that wants one RSS feed for all the students in my class.
I'm using blogger, and there is a gadget that shows the blogs I am following, it's called "Blog List" but it comes from my reader.
In a recent post I talk about literacy tools, scroll down a bit to see the section on the reader

since you are using edublogs- I'm sure they support many gadets, may support this one or others.
hope this helps, Glad to see more students using blogging for communication and literacy skills development.



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