Has anyone had experience with software that will allow the teacher to see each student's workstation, control/lock the applications or internet sites they use, etc?    I am trying to locate software from my lab in order to help the students easier and to also keep them on task.    I've heard a little about SchoolVue and Netop but was wondering what others would recommend.   Thank you.

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I'm not sure if this will meet your needs, but iTalc is a nice, free application that allows the teacher to pull up all the students' screens on a single computer, to monitor them. The teacher can also take time and date-stamped screenshots, take control of a student machine, and display a student's screen to the entire class for demos.
Don't forget AND lock the workstations of kids who aren't on task. My students HATE that feature of iTalc. When you click the magic button either ALL of the students' screens or the selected student's screen goes black with an image of a padlock. It gets their attention, and they can only wonder when I am going to turn it back on. I call it the "screen of shame".

I also love the fact that I can pull up any student's laptop on my machine and remote control it, but the bonus is that since I can put whatever is on my screen on the projector, I can easily use student's work as an example. There is a feature of iTalc that lets you "Broadcast" one student's computer onto the screens of the rest of the students' machines so they can demonstrate something, but it doesn't seem to work for us...probably because we have lame amounts of bandwidth in our school.
This sounds like what I'm looking for. How long have you used this? Can you show the teacher's screen on the student's screens?

In theory you can, but in practice, in my classroom, you cannot. Another post below mentions the problem, where the screens get too flickery...I have a projector, so I just project what I want my students to see.

Since the software is completely free, there isn't much harm in giving it a shot. I had some minor trouble getting it going, but there are a few discussions on the Internet that can shed light if things go awry.
iTalc does have some great features, and the important thing for most educators is that it's free! We use it in my district, and it does have it's glitches...not all computers always come up, it's slow, and sometimes screen takeover is impossible because of the slow speed. We are increasing our our network speed and capability this summer, so hopefully that will help clear up some of the glitches. Otherwise, it does pretty much the same thing as the pricier softwares.
We use Vision, by Netop at my school. It's just used in the computer lab. It was a little expensive, but luckily we had the funds for it. I love it. Not only can you view the students' computers, but you can show the rest of the students the teacher computer screen on their screens as well as another student's computer screen on all the students' screens. There are a lot of other great features. They have a 30 day free trial.
Good luck.
I use iTalc. Or should I say I "used" it then the students learned the consequences of going off task and not turning to face me when I needed to add further instruction.

I still use it from time to time on on of "those" days! ;)
I find it too stuttery to display my screen on the students' computers and vice versa.

You, obviously, still have to rely on your natural teaching and discipline skills; responsilbities should not be any different in a computer room environment. Consequences must carry.
I have been using NetOp School for about 10 years now, you can view all the student computers and monitor what they are doing,you can help a student while at your station by taking over their computer, you can lock their keyboards and mice, display my computer to all student computers, or display a students screen to all computers, you can send files, chat, and record. I can also shut down all the computers from my station. It was pricey when we first bought it but we pay for upgrade insurance so that we always have the latest updates. I love it!
We use remote desktop in our Mac Lab. It sounds similar to iTalc. Very easy application, you can lock, share, control, and even copy items to the computers.
I also use Remote Desktop and find it very useful though it is not free like iTalc (a program I have never used). One feature of Remote Desktop that I like is the ability to drag and drop files from my computer to my students computer. Saves the hassle of posting it on our Powerschool program and/or using flash drives to move files. Just a few clicks and it pops up on their computer, very handy in my media/news classrooms where we are constantly sharing pictures/write-ups between different people.
Lordy. I feel like a huge dufus! I've been using Remote Desktop for a few months now and didn't even realize that you could do that! Goodbye flashdrive! Thank you, Benjamin!
SchoolVue is one of the best classroom management tools out there. It is the only classroom management software that can do 1:1 flawlessly, and has a lot of great features in addition to the monitoring and restrictions. It has a wonderful testing interface, an module that overcomes social barriers in learning, and much more! There is a free webinar on SchoolVue if you are interested, you can sign up at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/646175785



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