Closing the STE...M Gap: Mathematics Integration through 21st C Publishing

Your Name and Title:  Peg (Margaret) Hartwig 

2012 DEN GURU Finalist

STEM Math Teacher & Volunteer Tech Integration Coach


School, Library, or Organization Name:  Marshfield High School


Co-Presenter Name(s): none


Area of the World from Which You Will Present:  Wisconsin, USA


Language in Which You Will Present: English


Target Audience(s):  K -12 science, math, STEM educators & PBL educators


Short Session Description (one line):  

 Students are empowered to use a multitude of web 2.0 tools and iPad apps to create dynamic, engaging STEM application productions relative to their current learning targets, attaining higher levels of understanding and retention.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Empower your students create 21st century STEM projects, with the goal of helping close the STE....M Gap. Students reach higher levels of retention and learning when they use science and engineering applications to develop the STEM connections to the algebraic foundations, creating a clear bridge between the mathematical theory/algorithm and the scientific application.  Students choose a web tool to serve as the foundation of the project but then embed and upload other web tools to create a dynamic, engaging STEM integration.
The wiki has become a tool that both science and math teachers use to help close this gap, create a bridge of learning between the otherwise isolated subjects, while allowing students to prepare for 21st century learning and living.

Science teachers use these short presentations to help introduce scientific calculations and applications of math and algebra.
Math teachers use these presentations at the end of a learning sequence to show the students how they will be applying these skills to analyze scientific behaviors and outcomes, beyond what the math text offers for the applications.

By encouraging the development of  21st C. presentations, your students will be engaged as 21st C learners and will more clearly understand the relationships between the science & engineering applications and the relative algebraic foundation, improving their fluency between the academics while becoming fluent users  of web 2.0 technology tools and resources.

Peg is a 2010 Siemens STEM Fellow who strives to integrate and align mathematics and science learning targets, integrating and connecting algebraic foundations relative to scientific applications.  Her students have developed a web page which has become a resource for both math and science teachers from around the world. Because of her students' continued success, Siemens invited Peg back to play an active role as a Siemens STEM Institute team member in 2011. Peg continues to help teachers grow, coaching colleagues K - 12 in 21st C learning, integrating technology effectively through iPads apps, mobile devices, interactive whiteboards, green screen, stop action video, and a host of web 2.0 tools.


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