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Attached is the working draft of the GLOBAL COMPTENCIES MATRIX (DRAFT FROM CCSSO workgroup) July, 2009
Tenet #1- There is a global perspective developed and presented in the content area where natural and viable.
Tenet #2- There is a personal and local perspective cultivated for each student to create relevant links to the content.
Tenet # 3- The whole child’s development academically, emotionally, physically, and mentally should be thoughtfully considered in content choices.
Tenet #4- The possibilities for future career and work options is developed with an eye to possibility and imaginative directions.
Tenet #5- The disciplines are viewed dynamically and rigorously as growing and integrating in real-world practice.
Tenet #6- Technology and media will be used to expand the possibilities of content source material as active vs. static.
Tenet #7- A developmental match should be considered between the age and stage of the learner and the complexity of the content.
ALL REFERENCES to the TENETS and material need to be to:

Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing Worldeditor, Heidi Hayes Jacobs
ASCD: Alexandria, VA (to be released January, 2010)
Nan and I will be using the 7 tenets with our Curriculum Council to continue to push their thinking to the 21st Century. This will be a great tool for us - thanks!!
Tenet 4
Ability to adapt to change for jobs that are not even created.
Basic skills to adapt to those changes – write and express yourself – take into the workplace
Blogging is one of the career skills.- Different way to post writing – can you do it quickly
Collaborative writing
Getting students engaged in different kinds of thinking.
5. The design leads you to purposeful thinking.
1. Core doesn’t change – read, write, listen, and speak
Use updated technology using the core and integrated technology
2. Focus on the 21st Century skills that are basic skills – critical thinking. Collaborative work, discriminating consumers of information
3. Tools we are using
4. Build upon what students have
5. Includes peer review and multiple perspectives
Can use traditional paper and posters to create work but share using upgraded – brought to the computer and input somehow – blog-Ning-wikki
Empower teachers to deal with situation.
Conversations with peers without the teacher intervening
How deal with cell phone technology and media centers have lots to offer
Rotating students through all the “jobs”
Experiences where students are asked to write an articulated paragraph of something of interest to you.
How has your job changed – from a youth perspective
Website: allows students to trace their family history. MTC



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