I would like to create a Global Learning Community. We are from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. We would like to share our Strategies and Skills with other countries and also learn from other countries about the strategies they use and see which works well.

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I taught abroad through a program called WorldTeach. One of my fellow former volunteers started a program called OneWorld Classroom. It may be a great source of collaboration and inspiration for your project: http://www.ccproject.org/
Thanks Eden for sharing. I will look into the link which you have sent it to me.
Hello Poornima,
I've just visited your links and found them very attracting and involving for the students!
I'm Maliha; tutor in e-learning laboratory in tlemcen university of Algeria.I'm looking to have global virtual classes as well in any subject area.My students are aged 17 to 24, they can handle classes in Arabic,French or English.

I previously made links with us universities about cultural exchanges, and would like to have similar experiences with other universities.
If you're interested (or know any person who is), please drop me a mail at: mimitlemcen[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you.
Hello Maliha,

Thanks! I am glad that you liked the links.

I will check about the cultural exchange and get back to you.

Hi Poornima,
I share your interest in global learning. I have taught in China and Belize and I know how valuable different perspectives can be.

A great way to connect with educators and students around the world is ePals (www.epals.com). It is a free, teacher-monitored email program for students, but even if you don't use it for emailing, the teacher forums are excellent for sharing ideas and projects.

This spring I am trying a learning project about Kites Around the World: http://web.me.com/jmsalsich/Kites_Around_The_World/WELCOME.html and here is a small ning group of global teachers of English: http://ylprojects.ning.com/


I have not tried epals. I will check into that site. Thanks for sharing!

Let me know when you start the learning project. I would like to join



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