I'm looking for ideas and examples of using web 2.0 applications for students to collaborate with other students in other schools or grades within a district or between districts.

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We are using wikis to collaborate with another school in our district around the topic of animal adaptation. We participate in the Voices of the World Project and the Winter Wonderland project. We will be collaborating using Google sites on an Alien exchange project with a school outside our district. We are a K-5 school and are open to finding more schools to collaborate with on curriculum related objectives.
I am also looking for ideas for students to collaborate with other students in high school biology and/or environmental classes.
I can't show you an example because my wiki is closed, but using Wikis is a great way to stimulate collaboration. I use wetpaint and set them up as private so only users I invite can access. Then students can collaboratively create documents, brainstorm ideas, etc . . . If anyone uses it inappropriately, I simply ban them and they no longer can access it.
I am presently using my Wiki for a class collaboration. I want to bring it to the next level and find classes that we can collaborate with outside of my school district.
What grade(s) are you teaching? We would be interested.
Let me know if you want a class in Australia!
Does it have to be in the US? I know some schools in the UK that collaborate and co-teach via Yacapaca.
Wow that looks like fantastic software
Thanks, Pennie. I think so too - but then I'm biased.
Hi Sandra,
I teach maths and science (Year 7 and 9) at a small rural school in Victoria, Australia. We are using a wiki at "On Line Science Fair" to share our student science projects. We are also involved with a Maths Connections wiki (for all ages) sharing data and graphs on Voicethread. You will need to join both sites if you are interested in having a look.
What subjects and age students are thinking of?
Thank you Britt. I will take a look at the Online Science Fair. I'm in 6-8 grade junior high. I'm the librarian but I will assist any teachers in getting started with this project.



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