Hey all, just planting a question here. Is anyone collaborating with students located in (or is anyone here actually in) Athens, Greece? I've been approached by the education director of the Nashville Parthenon (a full-sized replica replete with 40 foot gold-gilded statue of Athena) to seek a collaboration partner with a classroom of kids middle to high school age in Athens for a pretty exciting collaboration project. I thought Classroom 2.0 might be a good place to start.

If you have any clues for me, please drop them here with a reply? 

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I have a group of high school U.S. geography students who need a collaborative partner. We have the capability to Skype and use wikis and Nings as part of our curriculum. We would be interested! We are located in Oklahoma. Please contact me ASAP! Whitney Allen
Hey Whitney, It looks like this is on the burner for 2010-11. I'll post here when and if it shapes up!
Thanks for keeping me posted!



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