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I am a technology integration specialist and I work with multiple grades and subjects. I have two extraordinary 4th grade teachers that have been communicating back and forth and with a few outside experts. We are looking at expanding our reach of communication and making our learning truly global. Currently, we are teaching activities around "The Polar Express". If any schools are interested in communicating, collaborating this winter, we are all for it. We are open to all kinds of explorations with other 4th grade classes.

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Hello! 1st grade teacher in my district wishes to collaborate with another classroom in Mexico re: holiday traditions. Any leads???
I use the skypeinschools.pbworks.com. They have a want ad page and people put things out there all the time.
Hi Desiree,
I am a tech teacher in a K-5 school who would love to skype with other classes. The problem I have is with my classroom teachers who don't have time or who want to find a common purpose. So, I am willing to skyp or oovoo with other teachers while I have the kids but what do you do when you are wanting to try something and you can't get teachers on the same time frame as you?
P.S. We are in Bryn Mawr, PA
I've got the perfect program for you and it's free. Check out Global Virtual Classroom http://www.virtualclassroom.org

Look at both the contest and the clubhouse. See if you think this will be a good fit for your teachers.
Hello there, i have just created a website that allows student learn and teach in a virtual classroom. I beleive deprived countries in Africa can make use of the global world and have the opportunity to learn from advanced nations. Students can vote for a leader and the leader will control the class for a month. Please tell me if you think its a good idea. Am open for any collaborations. Thanks www.afropaddy.com
Not really enough there to see what will happen.  Not all of Africa is "deprived", any more than all of the industrialized countries are advanced.  Somehow I'm not quite getting at the reasoning behind your site.
Have you been to Africa before., if you have been you would appreciate what am talking about.Students learning in a virtual classroom and doing that in a fun way. Students find normal classrooms boring. Did you see the site, what is it you did not get.
Yes, but I do not see how this is different from any other social network.  I guess I'm missing just what is happening...
It has a 70% educational orientation and 30 fun. What you probably saw is the latest activity from some few people testing the platform. We have not started the classes yet. Am open for any suggestinons. Thanks J
Thanks for clarifying; I'll look back again later.



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