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I am a technology integration specialist and I work with multiple grades and subjects. I have two extraordinary 4th grade teachers that have been communicating back and forth and with a few outside experts. We are looking at expanding our reach of communication and making our learning truly global. Currently, we are teaching activities around "The Polar Express". If any schools are interested in communicating, collaborating this winter, we are all for it. We are open to all kinds of explorations with other 4th grade classes.

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Collaborating sounds interesting. I teach a split four-five class in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. They are doing wikispaces, Twitter, and email. I have a Skype connection in the classroom (wikistange). We have played around with Ustream to see what we can do with it. Right now I am trying to learn Elluminate. stange.alan@prairiesouth.ca
We are located in Billings, Montana. We use Skype, but Oovoo is the tool we have been using the most because it allows for more than 1-to-1 connection. The two classrooms really like to meet simultaneously with their remote guest! BTW, I have played with Ustream but have not shown it to these two.
Thanks Alan! I will give the teachers your email address and we will see what we can do! Thank you so much for responding!
I might have a few teachers that could be interested.
Exactly where are you located?

Sally Irons
Niles, Michigan
Hi Sally. We are in Billings, Montana
We have used a variety of tools to connect outside the classroom. Thank you for replying. I will be interested to see if you have any teachers available.
Hey Desiree - We are currently experimenting with Skype in our intermediate grades. I am too an instructional technology facilitator attempting to start motivational fires around my district. We currently have a family out of the country for the next few weeks and are Skypig with the classrooms of the students (1st and 5th). I have a few fourth grade classes that I could get on board with your fourth grade classes. I certainly like the multiple video conference call method vs. the one to one with Skype - I'll explore your other suggestion (oovoo). Let's make this happen.
YAY Adam! This is great. We will definitely want to connect. Where are you? We are in Billings Montana.
Right on! I'm in Montrose, Colorado. Going to be Skyping tomorrow with several classes (Colorado, Kansas, Texas) - I'll keep you in the loop.
Sounds good! We did connect with Alan(see earlier reply) from Canada yesterday and are planning connecting again tomorrow. Look forward to finding a collaboration project.
Are your activities centered around the climate at the poles? Biomes? Global warming trends? I have some fourth graders here on Long Island in NY.
I teach a 4/5 class in South Australia- time factors may impinge but I am interested in some global collaboration next year. School year begins late January.
Hi Marion,

I'm a school librarian in Upstate New York. Have you been able to begin a collaborative project this year? If not, I work with elementary grades K-4, and I would love to hear your ideas. I understand the time zone challenges...My challenge would be that I only see my students once a week for 30 minutes. Perhaps we can work something out?

Thank you for considering my offer,


We often read stories that take place in different parts of the country or world. We just finished a story that was set in Canada. The students will be video chatting with a school in Canada tomorrow to ask questions that arose as they were reading. In the 4th grade, we study regions as well and video chat lends itself to that well. I am sure the possibilities for topics are endless.



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