In an effort to get technology projects taking place at my school, we have decided to have our teams implement cross curricular collaborative projects. I was wondering if anybody has ever done this and might have some examples that I can share with my staff. We just finished our second quarter projects and though they all use technology, they are not as collaborative as I would have liked to have seen. Any examples would be appreciated so I can share with staff and perhaps help them take the next step in collaboratively planning these projects.

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I have run sessions on collaborative projects. Here is a link to the wiki i made

See weblinks and tools pages in particular. There is a work sheet your staff can use for planning their project ideas.

Anyway feel free to use if its helpful.

Pennie White
Ultranet Coach
Eastern Metropolitan Region
Thank you so much for your response. I will most definitely share this with my staff :)
You are welcome. If you have any questions about any of the examples feel free to ask. The project on the yvelc page were actually running in our community.
Maybe we could link up some classes to do collaborative project in our respective schools. I work with a network of schools. I am happy to find classes if any of your teachers are keen.
I will deffinitely get back to you on that. I know I have at least one teacher in my building ready to take that leap. Thanks for the offer. I'll get back with you soon.
Hi Erich,
If your science teachers are interested, I have created an "On Line Science Fair" for middle years students to collaborate on projects. Although they use science time to do their work, students cjose a wide range of projects:
# making a guitar amplifier,
#creating and testing lip gloss,
#making and experimenting with model boats,
#researching brain size vs body size in carnivores and herbivores
#researching the best way to give up smoking
# The "Stroop" effect (text colour and reading time)
Please consider joining if you would like to check out our wiki.
Regards, Britt Gow.



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