Hi. I am interested in connecting with other postsecondary level instructors who are using Web 2.0 apps, especially blogging, in their classrooms. Is there a specific tag or forum area for college instruction?

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Hi Mary,
I am new here so I am not really sure if there is a specific area to post in for higher ed. I'm not really an instructor, I am an instructional designer at a university. Part of my job is to teach our faculty in the school of nursing how to use such tools in their courses....so I guess I'm an instructor instructor ;) If I can help you in any way, just let me know!
I think you just made one! Well done. I am also a college professor who uses blogs and other Web 2.0 apps in my classroom. I'm looking for others to collaborate with on some research projects.
Hi Mary, I'm an education instructor at a private Illinois university who uses blogs, wikis, and other web 2.0 tools in the classroom. I also teach my students how to use them with K-12 students. I'm also looking for others to collaborate with on projects.
Well, it looks like there are at least a few of us who are interested in networking.

@ Jil, Thanks!

@Anita, because I am planning on working in developmental ed., I don't know if it would work to do research together, but I am definitely interested in research and publishing journal articles.

@Mel, that Hotseat app looks amazing. I can't wait to check it out.

@Liz, I don't know what type of collaboration you are interested in. I am focused on developmental reading. There might be some crossover, though.

The host blog for my reading project is http://read96.blogspot.com. I used it for supplementing context clues vocab, time management, and reading and study strategies reflection in a developmental reading class. If you want any info., let me know. I think it is pretty self-explanatory.
I also use blogs and wikis in my college computer apps class. I would love to network with other teachers using these tools. In addition, I teach a methods course for future business education teachers and we use wikis and blogs in that course also.
I just posted a new discussion thread here. I would love to hear exactly how you are using blogging, etc., in what contexts, etc.
At the end of the semester my blogging has slowed down dramatically, but I talk about the use of such tools & other things at http://itjil.blogspot.com
I'm working on a post now about writing scholarly papers with web 2.0 tools...hopefully I'll get it posted by Monday!
I have been pretty absent from this site but I am going to bookmark this now.
I am a parttime professor at a local college in Toronto and I have used BLOGs in my classroom. In addition, I also use a program called Notebook (Circus Ponies at http://www.circusponies.com/) to post notes online. The nice thing is, I can insert videos, sound, and text into the pages of my notebook which enriches the student learning experience. I have also added a section called What is on my Bookshelf; where I post the names of the books that I have bought and read on Web 2.0 technologies and digital storytelling. If you have a Mac, it might be worth checking this out as it only costs $29.95 (academic licence).
I'll check out that Notebook program, definitely. Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac and the school I will be teaching at in the spring does not support them.
I use blogs in adult education (VET) and have found them great for my ESL students
Check out how I use them in conjunction with WRS (work related skills) outcomes

There might be some application for what you are doing with my dev. ed. students. Is there a link I can go to?



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