Hi. I am interested in connecting with other postsecondary level instructors who are using Web 2.0 apps, especially blogging, in their classrooms. Is there a specific tag or forum area for college instruction?

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Sounds great, Donnie. Thanks. I like the idea of using the blog as a way for students to take ownership in their education.
Hi Mary,
I've had my Intro to Instructional Technology students keep a blog to post all their work and reflections on. They love it! I also keep a blog that I post discussion prompts on and my students respond with comments. I've been very pleased with the interaction!
My name is Jenny and I am an online instructor at Houston Community College. I teach a course in Pedagogy. I want to improve my success with blogs and threaded discussions. Blogs and threaded discussions rely on the character of the prompt. I'd love to share "rocking" prompts that others have used. We can then analyze what feature of the particular prompt made it successful and use it as a model for our own courses.

For instance, there must be effective prompts that when presented early in the course, stimulates conversation and a willingness for the less vocal students to become active participants. If we can encourage students to blog frequently and spontaneously early in the course, course "ownership" will be achieved, their learning performance will improve, and student persistence will increase.

Any examples?
Hey, Everyone! I'm not a college instructor, but I am an online master's degree student, so this thread interested me.

Did you know there are also interest groups within the Classroom 2.0 site? There is one for using Web 2.0 in higher ed, but it doesn't look too active. I think the folks who have posted to this discussion could make it active!

Here's the link to the group:


Hope this helps! :-)



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