I'd like to do a persuasive commercial using flip cameras and Imovies.  Have any of you developed a similar lesson, or do you have experience with this type of project?

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I have run several movie making workshops (2 hours) with the result of a 1 minute video. One was create with still images and a low res phone (a few years ago) and another using a video camera and imovie. What/Who are you trying to achieve/persuade?
My 7th graders make audio or video podcast commercials for 6th graders about the 7th grade classes they will take. These are currently in production this year and not yet posted at http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=56473
We are trying to achieve/persuade a specific demographic to buy a product the students have created.

Mrs. Durff,
I love the great ideas you've posted on your website. I'll be interested to see how these projects work out.

I thank you both for your contributions.
Sounds like a great idea and good luck with it
I've found the perfect lesson to start my project with. I'll modify this lesson to work with my students' commercials.




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