I have been working on creating a website to help me get my head around implementing the Common Core State Standards in my Algebra 1 Classroom.

It is certainly a work in progress. To see where I am currently take a look at my newsletter.

I wanted a place to house everything that I need to run my class including daily lesson plans, assessments, and assignments and it only seemed reasonable to share. :)

Please feel free to take a look around. I hope it helps you implement the CCSS in your classroom.


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Wow, I love your website.  It's easy to follow.  I am in the very beginning stages of creating a website for a class I'm taking.  I will also use it for my classroom.  I am just getting back into teaching after several years of staying home with my kids.  I will be teaching Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry so stumbling onto your website is a god send.  I am also aware of the state and core standards and the different approaches to teaching and assessment.  It is very hard to organize thoughts and integrate it all together.  The technology has come so far since I've been in the classroom.  I'm excited to connect with my students and parents in new ways.  I'm sure I will reference you site quite often.  Thanks so much for sharing.

Thank you so much. It certainly has been eye opening. I am working on assessments right now, but I know they will get changed once we get more information from "the powers that be". :) 

Curious, will you have computers for your students to use in class? 

Enjoy your summer!



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