I'm brand-new here at Classroom 2.0.  It's great to see so many important discussions taking place and to see the passion that is out there about use of technology within the classroom.  I consider myself to be a pretty tech-savvy person and my classroom is definitely geared towards the use of technology.  We keep a class blog, use a SMART Board and document camera, create videos, and use the many great websites available to engage students and continue to push them towards success.  It's just now that I'm really starting to branch out and find out what else is happening collaboratively between different classrooms not only in the United States but also the world.  So, with that in mind, I'm really curious to know, what do you do to collaborate with classrooms that are located nowhere near you?  

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I'm only an education major at my university but I am currently enrolled in a technology class for teachers. You can definitely use skype to interact with other classes all over the world. You can use blogs to communicate with students from other parts of the world for geography issues. You can use social networks, digital storytelling to share projects and activities on many different subjects. I hope these ideas help!
We are currently using a blog which I have found to be a great resource. I'm interested to hear if you have any ideas about different projects that can be done between classrooms around the world through some of technology. I definitely love the Skype idea to find out about classes from around the world.



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