Connectivism is a new paradigm states that knowledge is distributed across a network of connections and... knowledge can reside outside the human being;Learning and knowledge rests in diversity of opinions. Learning is the process of connecting nodes or information sources. The ability to increase knowledge is more important than what is already known. - You must nurture and maintain the connections to facilitate continuous learning - The ability to see connections between fields, ideas and concepts is essential. - The date and accurate information is the intention of all connectivist process activities.

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  1. What factors do you consider to be essential elements in the formation of connections among participants in a virtual learning experience?
  2. ·         How do you consider Web 2.0 tools to contribute to the formation of “connected learning”?
  3. ·         When thinking in terms of “connected learning”, how would you proceed for creating learning environments through the integration of Web 2.0 tools? 


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  • ¿Qué factores consideras que son esenciales en la formación de las conexiones en una experiencia de aprendizaje virtual?
  • ¿Cómo las herramientas de la Web 2.0 pueden contribuir a la formación de un aprendizaje bajo el paradigma del conectivismo?
  • Si pensamos sobre el conectivismo como estrategia de aprendizaje a base de conexiones, ¿Cómo procederías a crear ambientes de aprendizaje a través de la integración de la Web 2.0?

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