Hi Everyone,

I recently stumbled on this site and have fallen in love with it. Ya'll are such a great resource!

I teach in South Carolina in a 6th grade social studies class that has 1 to 1 computing. I've got many, many great ideas from this site and others on how to give students an opportunity to create original work, but I'm looking for some tips on giving them the actual content I want them to learn.

Any suggestions would be great - I'm open everything!

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Don't quite get what you want. Can you elaborate?

I'm looking for ways to integrate web2.0 tools to help me deliver information to my students. I have lots and lots of wonderful projects and things for them to do once they HAVE the information - now I'm just looking for ideas on how to get it to them. The days of direct instruction and other means of getting students information are not yet gone, but I do believe they are waning. What things have you seen that you've really liked in terms of teachers actually giving students info?

About as elaborate as I can be this late in the week... my articulation declines as the week progressess ;)
Mr. Lawman, As an old school teacher, I'll throw this out there---the technology doesn't do the teaching--the teacher does the teaching. Yes, there are wonderful resources filled with content but reading it off the site or listening to it doesn't take the place of a good teacher. I could get into what poor independent 'thinkers' many of today's kids are but I'll leave that to another discussion. Kid's still need to be taught. I certainly wouldn't want parenting to left to technology. N
Nancy-I agree that we are the teachers, but technology is important for our students to use to be prepared for THEIR future. I've been in the teaching profession for over thirty years and I cannot prepare my students for their future with my past. I know a good teacher makes a difference but when technology is used appropriately it can be very powerful in helping the student move forward with their academics. Good teaching and good technology working side by side will help our students learn.
Agree, I still have enough concern that the technology is not going to be 'the end all and be all' that some people think it is. Or maybe I'm just hoping it isn't. I know that there are skills kids need to know for the future workplace but I've yet to be convinced that txting, tweeting, uploading videos, and downloading copyrighted material is the answer. i don't think txting is making our kids better communicators and collaborators, I don't think playing video games will encourage global understanding or insightful dinner time conversation. (YES, of course there are wonderful things being done with kids and technology all around the world--I'm not a ludditte)

I just hope the day of the scholar isn't over--I don't know if I've made my point but don't think the web tools of today are going to create the next generation of historians, philosophers, peacemakers, doctors...thinkers. Yes, they are adding sections to the video game department at our local junior college, classes are full. Yippee. I wish I were more articulate and could make my point. Does any of this make sense?
I know what Web 2.0 is, I've used it a lot with my students, I just don't think its going to revolutionize schools and student learning like some people do. Other than a few great student projects I've seen, I just don't think it's doing what it could do.....just my opinion of course. But I'll be watching from the sidelines, I'm retiring at the end of the year!!
web2.0 tools tend to avoid the broadcast "push" model, and focus more on the "pull" of building the students' motivation to learn, then providing them with the tools to go out and find/understand the information for themselves. To get the most out of web2.0 you may want to also investigate pedagogy2.0.
Just spotted this blog post. It's basically what I meant by "pedagogy2.0".
I am writing a book on the Global Learning Theorem About 1/2 way through the presentation I have simple method that may help you. Feel free to look at it at http:globallearningtheorem.ning.com
Hope this simple structure may help you.
Hi. This is such a great question. It seems to me as if there are a lot of educators who use Web 2.0 technology for the purpose of using Web 2.0 technology. But, this is not the most sensible way to use technology in schools. If we can't use technology to teach the content that we need to teach our students then there is really no point in using the technology. The technology needs to become transparent as the core ideas become the central focus point.

Andrew Pass
Thanks for all of the suggestions!

I'll let you know how it goes, and whether or not I have success.

Right now I'm working on getting my school's filter to allow many of the sites I'd like to use (Glogster, Ning, etc.)



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