I am interested in getting a second master's degree in technology somehow. I am finding out that there are a few different areas of study. I am a middle school computer teacher and teach coach. I taught 8th science for 14 years - who knows what the future holds, but I definitely am interested in technology! Any suggestions?

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Lesley University has a Technology in Education Online Master's Degree program; you might want to look into that; my wife is beginning her program this year; I am considering it as well

Hi Kathy,

I am enrolled in an online masters program through Wilkes University called Instructional Media. This is my second Masters. I wanted something to get me up to speed with the latest Web 2.0 instructional media and this program is wonderful. I've never learned so much in just a few short months. I also like the convenience of it being online. Check it out - they have other technology masters programs as well. Hope this helps.

I would like to work toward a doctorate degree in curriculum and technology. Combining those two areas would seem to make sense when looking toward the horizon. Any ideas or input as to why you decided for a second masters rather than the doctorate?
Meredith - that is a good question - second masters or doctorate. I have never really thought about it.

Kate and Ed - thanks for your replies. I am a little apprehensive about doing the masters online. I have taken classes online before and there are definitely pros and cons. But as I have gotten older, I have really become a lifelong learner and enjoy the professional conversations that come in a face to face class. It sounds like you both are liking the online experience. Do you have one teacher for the entire program, or are there different classes with different teachers?
I think online learning is simply da berries! My first experience was with the University of Wisconsin - River Falls when a teacher and I wanted to gain more knowledge about parent and community partnerships. For a short period of time, this university offered certification for Community Education Directorship. We both took the courses online with educators from all over the country and learned a tremendous amount. We would return to our school setting and work collaboratively with others to put in place the concepts/ideas we were learning about during the online coursework. The second experience was taking five courses (all different teachers) from the University of Phoenix online during a three year time frame. One course I even completed as we were moving across the country! I believe one of the benefits I gained the most from was learning and sharing with others who also were registered for the courses. Each school setting is a little different and other educators have tremendous knowledge to share.
Thanks for the thoughts - I really appreciate it!
It has been a different teacher for each class. A surprising amount of work but I'm learning so much. I do miss the face to face discussions for sure though. We have had Eluminate sessions in which everyone participated in chats about the class.
We are launching a Post Graduate Certificate in E-learning this coming September. Not a full Masters yet but the plan is that will follow. If you are interested in an international perspective on e-learning (one of the tutors is based in Belgium) you may want to take a look at: http://www.glyndwr.ac.uk/en/Coursesfees/Postgraduate/PostgraduateCe...

I delivered a science class on-line to students in Missouri from 2000 to 2005 and I know they enjoyed the experience of studying alongside students in the UK.

If anyone would be interested in being a guest speaker on the course (no fee paid I am afraid!) please contact me.

Best regards

Thanks, Merle, for your thoughts! I really appreciate it.
Try to check this one: Continuing Education



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