Anyone here ever converted a ppt show into an AVI? I played around with a few programs about a year ago and found none to work to my satisfaction. With the recent thread here about screencap software I figured I'd try again. I'm going to try Jing but I'm wondering if anyone has done this successfully already to save me the trouble.

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Hi, you could check authorSTREAM
You could send a ppt directly to You Tube, Good Luck Jeanette
Thanks for the links, I'll certainly try them. I've been able to convert them to static flash objects using google docs and Slide Rocket, it is including the animations that has proven elusive thus far. Here's to hoping one of the 5 will do it.

Jing, sadly, had the same problems other screencaps do - low framerate. I'm going to bump my system memory to 4 gigs soon and see if that helps. It did record everything including animations but at a rate that made them more annoying than helpful!
Ok, FYI to anyone, Wondershare does exactly what I wanted. It is perfect and I will happily pay the $40 it costs. It outputs all animations, sounds and videos.

Given that powerpoint is, in my opinion, the best animation and titling software available the ability to output it as video files is sure going to be a huge benefit. That, and finally being able to post the animations I do in class to my site, make this well worth the buy. Thanks for the recommendation!
You can save the powerpoint as JPG and them drop these files into a movie program.



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