I am having trouble getting video clips that I download from Discovery Education to play on my class' iPads.  When I download them to my MacBook they are .mov files but to my knowledge the iPads only play .mp4.  I have seen some converters on line, but I am sure my school system is not going to pay for a video converter, and I have no interest in paying for software that will be on my school systems computer.  Any suggestions?

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My go to tool for most things Video is the VLC player.  It has got me out of more binds than I care to remember!


It will convert videos to  H.264+ACC MP4's which I'm unsure will play on an IPAD, though.


Good luck with it!



I like Any Video Converter and it's free!  My school district downloads it onto our computers :)
Thanks for the suggestions!  I'll give them a shot and see which one I like the best.
I use handbrake (opensource!) to convert various files into mp4/mkv to play on my iPad. It's a solid program.



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