Creating a Live DVD Based on Debian and Ubuntu Operating Systems

I have been looking around for a way to clone an image so that I can install the image on other computers. A friend of mine suggested Clonezilla, which seemed to be a pretty cool

option. Then I remembered a software application that I had on one of my computers at home. I run “AV Linux 4” a special Linux multimedia media brew based on the real time kernel . It has many of the cutting edge applications for video, music production/recording, and graphics. Download the operating system here:


Anyhow, the software application is called Remastersys. You can get

it through the Ubuntu Synaptic Package Manager or go on line here: . It is specially created for
Debian and Ubuntu based operating systems. It uses a simple GUI
window. One of the options asks if you would like to create a copy of
your OS to share with others. You click on this option and the
software will create a Live install DVD or CD image clone of your
system. You then burn the image on to a DVD or CD depending on how big
the file is. Now you have a Live CD to share with others. You can try
it on any PC without touching the hard drive. Then, if you like it you
can install it.


It worked on the Dell Optiplex SX260 computers. First, I installed
Ubuntu 8.04 on one computer, installed all the updates, and finally
installed the most ideal software that I will use in my classroom.
Then, I used Remastersys to create the Live DVD of this system. Now I
have a DVD that I can use for imaging the other computers, a 45 minute
process. In essence I have created my own custom made Ubuntu Linux flavor.

Here is a tutorial:

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