I actually really enjoyed getting to create my own survey, since I had seen so many people do ones similar on Facebook and I never understood how they did it! It was so much easier and quicker to make than I imagined it would be, and I got so many more replies than I was expecting to get. The part that actually took me the longest was deciding what questions to include, because I literally could choose from any question on earth. After choosing my three, the rest went fast. I was surprised how many replies I got within an hour! Thanks to Facebook. As far as using this new ability in the future, I think that it definitely could come in handy in the classroom communicating with parents, maybe about who could chaperone for a field trip or who could bring certain items to a class party, and so on. It could potentially even come in handy with the students in my classroom, asking them to give their opinion about how they think that they learn the best or what activities really helped them and which did not. I am definitely excited and thankful to know how to use this tool!

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