I would like to do a project with my Language Art students where they create a homepage for a character they read in a novel.  The homepage would resemble a "family homepage" with hyperlinks, pics, etc.  Having trouble finding resources to do this.  Does anyone know of a site where students can create a homepage?

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You can use eduglog for an electronic poster.  I like a wikispace because it is easy to learn and to use and you can post almost anything on it.

Hi Colleen,


I use wikispaces with my students for collaborative discussions, but a friend of mine (who teaches ELA) had students (in teams) work on a specific page within their class wiki.  They were able to upload videos and hyperlinks about various elements of grammar.  And now that they are finished, it's a great resource for grammar rules and use.


But perhaps you might take a look at glogster.  It's an interactive poster that students create with hyperlinks, videos, etc.  I'm fairly new to glogster, so I can't offer much more than that, but I'm going to introduce glogster to my students next week as a way for them to compile what they've learned about our Islamic Civilization unit.  Glogster has two options - Basic or Premium.  Basic is free.  I just purchased the Premium one because they offered it at a discount.  


Luckily for me, wikispaces and glogster have not been blocked by my district's firewall.  =)  


Good luck with the project!



I agree with Colleen that Glogster would be the best tool for this project.  I have used it for several years and kids LOVE it!  It is a bit time consuming getting it up and running, but easy to teach to your class. You'll find yourself going to it for many different projects.  Check out the gallery for examples to show your students.  There's a reading category and I'll bet there will be some glogs that will inspire your students to create a great "family homepage"  I really like your idea.

http://edu.glogster.com is a perfect fit for this project


Here are some examples: http://edu.glogster.com/glogpedia/

I second the Wikispaces idea.


I'm a big fan/user of wikispaces...



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