Hi everybody
I want to carry out a research on "critical reading" of the newapapers. I'm very interested in th topic but I can't narrow it down. I don't know how I'm gonna do it. I've been studying a lot of articles about critical literacy but I think I need to discuss it with somebody. anyone?

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Not that this is the answer to your question, but everyday I develop questions designed to promote discussion of current events. Each day I select a newspaper or magazine article around which I base the questions. Take a look at my blog, http://www.lessontech.blogspot.com
thank you Andrew. I visited your blog. actually asking critical questions is not easy and I can use your help.
I'm in the middle of nowhere right now. so any further tips and suggestions are welcome.
by the way, since the participants are going to be EFL students of young age whose main concern is not the world issues, I want to design the course in a way that raises their concsiousness about the media's word choice and structure choice and generally the ideology that is being communicated.



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