I have taken on a new job as a talented and gifted teacher in my school. I am collaborating with our science teachers on creating a CSI mystery in our middle school and students have to solve the mystery by examining fingerprints, blood samples, clues, glass, etc. Has anyone tried to do this or have any suggestions on resources for me to begin to create this extension. I have big ideas, but now need the little details to make it work. Thanks for any help.

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might give this a view to see what we have done with our CSI world:
I am sure the question I am about to pose is going to lead to a very long answer, but how did you create this world? What did the process involve? This is something that I would love to try and put together or at least tinker around with for another school year.
In the latest edition of The Idea Book (the guide for teachers put out by the History Channel) a lesson using the show Crime 360. The classroom premiere is Sept 2.
I am pretty open to anything at this point. We are trying to integrate the unit with the rest of the gen. ed students so everyone can be involved at some point. I am in the process of gathering materials so the more the merrier.
I created this website a while ago for suspects. I assigned a suspect to each group and they created a crime. then I chose one of the scenerios to set-up for the whole class. It worked well and the kids loved it. I am no longer in charge of this website and do not know how long it will be there but if it is ever gone I will put it somewhere else.

Good luckI I found that some flaws but it was fun.


I went to the website and tried a few things and found it to be done very well. How did you design the website? What program did you use to design it and how were you able to display it on the Web? It seems that it would have taken you a lot of time to do this. Excellent work!

Mel J. Janousek
Over the years I've found a few interactive CSI sites and have added them to my educational resources site. Click on the link below and select "Science" followed by "Human Body".


- Scott



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