Curation Restart Education Project and the top 10 social media curation tools that will change research in XXI Century Education

     This Classroom 2.0: The Book chapter can be downloaded like a PDF file for free at

100899655/Lucian-Duma-Curation-Restart-Education-Project                                   Dear teachers and researchers Curation is Social Media King and new Big Thing around the social web for this reason I want to implemet Curation Restart Education Project . I tried to explain in my chapter what is curation, why teachers must be social media curators and what are my top 10 curation tools who will change research in XXI Century Education .  Now when I write this discussion I must told you that European Schoolnet selected me to manage community of practices 2 ,, Using Social Media in schools - whole school approach "  and my team has 10 members around Europe  and I described here my top 10 Curation startup tools to collaborate and  build a PLN in XXI Century Education

    In XXI Century Education where informatics and science developed spectacular and the use of new online technologies aren’t regarded like a avangardist movement new tools and apps Web 2.0 and socialmedia can bring a new dimension and can reform education around the world because electronic communication helps teachers and students to learn from each other. Last year appear in the online world a new social media king and this is Curation who add value to humans . The Internet Curator’s role is to seek on the web information related to a specificc domain, filter them, select them, organise, share and present them in a unique way . 

           If you want to discover why curation is Social Media King  kindly I invite you to download and read my chapter and if you like share with your PLN .

Lucian Duma - Curation Restart Education Project

I also invite you to comment and add your feedback                                            and feel free to follow , contact me  if you think we can collaborate to make a platform / website for Curation Restart Education Project


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