Our school is going to launch a couple hybrid of courses this fall. The students will be required to attend class MWF. There will be some office hours (both face-to-face and virtual) required throughout the trimester on the other two days. I am wondering if anyone has experience with something similar to this.

My thought is that the students will need to maintain a C average to have the "privilege" of completing the other two hours per week on line. Does anyone have a policy for this kind of class? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated as, I am quite sure, there are many  issues that I am unable to foresee.


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Hello Carol,

I believe that "hybrid" is the teaching-platform of the future. (Because of the increased popularity of automatic-translation tools, I am being very "literal" these days so I appreciate the term "hybrid" as being perfect for the teaching-platform which takes two different modes of instruction, online and live, and combines them in one course. I would also apply this definition to the combination of the modes of instruction, synchronous and asynchronous, in one course.)

One question: What is the age and maturity-level of your learners?

And two suggestions:

Consider a Problem (or Project)-Based Learning (PBL) structure. There is a great Classroom 2.0 discussion group called "PBL ~ Better with Practice" where you can learn what it is and how it works (if you don't already know) and you can get the PBL point-of-view on your hybrid-course question.

I would also suggest that you design your instruction in the form of "scaffolding" which would allow you to provide the students with freedom in their online study time, and structure in their face-to-face study time.

Is this helpful?
Yes! Thank you. I will look into that. My students are seniors. I designed the class last year on a wiki. Although I like the way it is organized and looks, we are moving to Moodle this year. I like all the extra activities that can be done with Moodle, but it seems very cumbersome and I am having a tough time making it aesthetically appealing.
Yikes - I don't know anything about Moodle - except that there are groups in Classroom 2.0 that have Moodle as their focus. This is one of them:


Hopefully they have addressed the "not aesthetically appealing" issue, definitely you will find someone there to engage in discussion.
Are the online classes offered to support all high school students to accelerate or complete courses as part of their graduation requirements? Are there guidelines in place for in your district to support such program?
No there are no guidelines and I am the only person doing it. The administration just said "go". It will a section of a class that is taught differently.
Does this mean that the hybrid courses will only be implemented in your campus? If it is, then I recommend to discuss and brainstorm on the development of your program's goals, student expectations, teacher expectations, grading guidelines, protocols and procedures. You can check Ysleta Virtual School's website for more details at http://www2.yisd.net/yvs I hope you will be able to find some useful information here.
Thank you SO much. Very helpful!
Hi Carol,

You should check out Sean Nash's website at:


He teaches an evening marine biology course for juniors and seniors. It combines in class and on-line learning. He is doing some cool stuff.



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