I am working on a project and am trying to decide if the term cyberlearning involves just networked learning with a computer, or if it includes other technologies such as simulations.  Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

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You're probably long done with this project, but I thought I'd share some thoughts.

1) I think the strong association with networked computers (as opposed to just computers) came from the NSF. Their 2008 Taskforce on Cyberlearning report limited the definition that way, and many of the people I have talked to have referred to it as "NSF's term." However, I think this definition is waning as people within and without NSF challenge it.

2) I keep hearing that the originator(s?) of the term intended two meanings for the prefix "cyber." First, it has some association with "guiding" or "leading." Most people don't use it that way, though, so they assumed that strongest reference would be to computers. So, the story goes, the term is intended to mean (and is taken to mean by many people) any form of learning that is guided by any kind of computer.

3) Short answer: I think it definitely includes other technologies such as simulations, and I know some people who matter agree with me.

Hope this is helpful.
This is very interesting. My first idea was with cyberlearning meaning the internet and therefore any learning online, but I have been persuaded by the other person doing the research that it is how you described. Interesting, thanks



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