With recent technology innovations, data visualization seems like it's exploded. It seems that, if our schools are to remain relevent, we should be integrating data visualization into our math classes.


Has anyone found good software for this task? I've looked into ggobi, but I haven't played with it extensively yet. Has anyone had any luck with it or other data visualization tools?


Thanks, in advance!

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I'll give this a *bump,* just in case. Any ideas?
After I posted this, I wound up doing some research, and I realized there's really not anything out there about data visualization in the classroom.

However, I found some really cool tools you could definitely use in the classroom to improve understanding (as well as 21st century skills), including Many Eyes and Google Gadgets.

I wrote a blog post with all the details, if anyone's interested.
I am looking for 3 dimenstional visualization. Any clues?

Hmm... that's a tough one, Sharon.


For basic stuff, Google has some 3D visualization tools that are easy to use. (I especially like the visualizations you can create through Google Earth.)


There's a lot of higher-end software out there for more complex visualizations, but they're not even close to being user friendly (yet). You might want to take a look at Mayavi, a free software download, or Visual Data, which costs about $150 (but I think you can download a free trial).


Depending on your objectives, you might also want to check out ICCARUS, which visualizes social media data.


Let us know what works!

Hi, thanks so much. Great leads. I think what i need is combination of system modeling and 3-data visualization like with Nicholas Christakis social networks or used in genetics that has a spatial element.


Thanks a lot.




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