No, not a real person! But This Dave!

I work in the area of English as a foreign language and one of the many things I've developed for free use is the Dave Bot. He's free and because students can click to maintain a conversation, it avoids a lot of the difficulty ELLs (English language learners) have with typing.

However, Dave will die on June 30th unless someone would like to support him. I've been running him free on Dr. Wallace's server (or at a minimal cost) however, after a lengthy conversation, Dr. Wallace (he's one of the AI chatbot gurus) says they can no longer support this because of Dave's increasing popularity. The alternative he left me is THIS - a $75/mo server. He won't budge to help us out nor I guess realizes its importance to thousands of students.

I can see so many applications for Dave and want to keep him alive. So if anyone could use him commercially and wants to make the page over with their banner / ads -- I'll gladly hand him over. My priority is keeping him available and alive. Also, I'll give a "We support EFL 2.0" ad on our site. We are visited by thousands daily and have one of the nets highest time on site values (right now 6min 30 sec.).

If you can put this on youtube also, so it will be seen. That much the better, pass it on so someone can rescue Dave. We don't want a death in the family!


Dave is Dying - Can you Help? from John Bach on Vimeo.

I'd like to keep Dave alive.

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